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This is my paintings area, I love to mix different materials and put on canvas my "Arrows style".



Take a look to my digital art. Arrows are my way to see the world, prints are the easy way to connect with me.



If you like my style I'll glad to decorate your t-shirt or tees. Let me know what do you prefer. I'm glad to make you happy!

Welcome to my website. This is my vision of the life. I'm The Cici Artist, I come from Italy, class '81. In my life, creativity is not enough. I'm a also a graphic designer. I love Hip Hop Culture and I live in "street mode way". I was a Street Art artist, I used to paint on the walls but, sometimes, too much people used aerosol art to destroy ancient monuments and beautiful old buildings. At the point of my life I said to me "you make the different, evolve your style and go away!" and I did it. Now I test every material I have, every colors and technique I'd like to do. I love art, travel and rap music. I love to see things around me, I grow while see the world and my mind become creative. I paint arrows, very important elements in Wild Style (a type of style in Aerosol Art), and for me. My "Arrows style" represents the life that became and moves: a positive changing is my way to see the life. Now, I define me a "wild illustrator" that sees the world like cartoon's eyes, full of color and funny things. Let's make the world everyday colored and happy, because this is the real message I'd like to say to everybody.


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